DGR 2015

27th September and it’s the Distinguished Gentleman Ride time again, This is the 4th year and myself and Andy have been to all 4 of the Sheffield rides.
This year Lou and Random Dave join us and the 4 of us had a great ride to Sheffield!

We got there just a couple of minutes before the other 100ish bike and riders were leaving. This was due to Daves bike  not wanting to leave Ilkeston. It broke down twice but being used to this sort of thing he got it going and we made it there!!

The ride was awesome!! Richard Baybutt who with I imagine some help from friends has organised all the events once again planned a fantastic route of 80 miles through the most lovely, amazing countryside you could ask for!! My face ached from smiling!!!

Truly great day with friends and other nice .

Hers a link to some photos: https://goo.gl/photos/mBfynML4E1SPaLzS8