Day 1 Chinley to Edale.

Today was the start of a 4 day walk from Chinley to Duffield. Met Robin at the train station at 6.20 which ment leaving my place at 4.40, walking 4 miles to the bus stop to get to the train on time!

Good train journey to Chinley where we stated our journey at 8 ish

The weather and walking conditions could not have been better! The sun was shining there was a bit of a breeze in places and in all it was just superb to walk in. Note for tomorrow, at lunch,no mater how I’m feeling I will apply more suncream to the all ready burnt neck!!

The walk had a bit of everything but did include a lot of going up! The notable well known places included going up to the top of Knider Scout and coming down Jacobs Ladder!

If has been a truly great day and I feel privileged

to have completed it. A total of 15 lovely miles.

Now the Diabetes part.

Well to start with I reduced my background from 16 to 8. I was 5.6 so I only had 3 units of Novo Rapid for a bowl of Porridge (45g). Then I did not take any more quick acting till 4 o’clock when I had risen to 12 so I took 2 units to correct.