March and it’s gig month!! First Halestorm!

Well this month is looking awesome because I have 6 gigs planned with tickets already brought. Probably won’t make all six (money!) but just the thought great!

So Tuesday the 3rd and it’s Halestorm at Rock City. This is my 4th time seeing them and was very much looking forward to it. Fantastic gig, they just keep getting better! New all the songs and really loved it. They played 3 new songs of there forth coming album and they went down as good as the older ones. Can’t wait to get their new album in April!


Here is the last song,’ Here’s to us’ (obviously!). This was taken with my phone from the very back wall. It’s here as a memory.


And here’s a review from the Evening Post.

In terms of playing to the crowd, Halestorm certainly know what they are doing. A capacity audience on a cold March night are testament to the fact that this four-piece band are here for the duration and their continued success is driven by the absolute adoration of their fan base.

After their last visit a couple of years ago I accused Halestorm of being just short of a truly outstanding act, and, in some ways, I stick by that. I appreciate that they’ve garnered a healthier support in the intervening years and the band themselves have become tighter and acquired a tinge of that elusive x-factor that so many groups aspire to but never attain.

I’m enraptured by Lzzy Hale’s talent and stage presence. She has the quintessential rock chick persona and delivers on everything she is asked of. She has the vocals nailed and when you combine this with her instrumental prowess and obvious charm, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more capable. But I still feel that she is very much the diamond amongst a collection of well-polished stones.

There is no doubting that Lzzy’s brother Arejay is an accomplished drummer, but the segway into his solo seemed both forced and a little gauche. But who am I to judge when a room full of fans lapped up every beat and stroke of his skins.

Technically, there is no fault in their output as I Like it Heavy from their latest album Into the Wild Life proved. It’s a proper old-school yet modernly fancied song and one, amongst a number, that had the undeniably affectionate crowd bouncing and singing along.

I can’t fault their effort or effervescence, but I do feel that Halestorm can be so much more than they are and do not doubt that they will be.