I’m Back!! Long Walk to Willington.

Well hello, it’s been a while. I really wanted to update this blog as more of a diary for myself but I’m crap and have not posted for ages!!!
I’m going to try harder!!

This post is about how I have gotten into walking. I don’t mean it’s taken me this long to walk and I’ve been crawling up to now but I’ve got into challenging myself to walk more and farther than I have before.
I walk to work every day which is 4.1 miles each way so that’s OK to start with but at the weekends I really want to put the distance in! 2 weeks ago I invested in a new pair of walking boots! After 3 days I walked to Repton for a pizza which is 18 miles. I got the biggest blood blister on the ball of my right foot that you have ever seen!! I had to go to work on the bus for 4 days and limp around until it burst!!
This week it has been fine and I challenged myself today to walk to Willington for lunch. I set of at 8.15am and arrived at 11.55 for what I hoped was a craking breakfast (recommended by friend!). Anyway breakfast is only served till 11 so that put and end to that idea but I did have a very nice cheese and apple chutny sandwich washed down with a pint of Doombar!! Mmmm…
It was exactly 14 miles there and my feet were fine. They carried on been fine until I was 6 miles away from Shardlow on the return and then I felt things I shouldn’t have. I rested took the boots off and everything looked fine….. until I have return homed to fine the same blister as before and a couple of little ones as well!!! Bugger!!!!

I have now go to find a way to tape/strap them up to walk the normal 18 miles I do on a Saturday. That doesn’t sound nice but it has to be done

Well I think that’s enough for my first post back! Below is a link to photos that sort of tell the story of the walk