Great day meeting new really cool people.

Met up at Andys with Grant and Jaz  to go to the Heritage Show in Ilkeston town centre. 

We first went to meet up with with a mate of Grants names Andy in Loscoe. The weather was really good and it was a great ride.

We waited and then with rumbles that sounded like thunder about 1o more dudes came up the road on bobbered Harley’s! Looked and sounded amazing. After being introduced and a bit of chat we set of to another of their mates.

Ariving here the drinks were made and dished out and we got to just hang and look at a lot of cool bikes and chat.

Then one person put his helmet on and it was decided we would then go to the show in l’son. It was great all riding as a group. When we dot to where the road was closed we were all sitting on our running bikes and lots of people came down from the show to see what was goin on. Lots of people lookin and taking photos! They made a little space and we all parked together part of the show! (The best bit of the show obviously!)

Had a look round. Was a great turnout. Then it was time to ride home. Great day!