Enjoying Apple Music!

I have been a Spotify user for quite some time now. I use the service whilst walking and working and  when you think I can walk 8hrs in a day or am at work for the same length of time, I listen to a lot of tracks!

When Apple Music came out I thought I’m not buying into Apple are the best at everything and that Spotify was so good why change? 

Then I thought don’t read about everybody else’s opinions its free for three months give it a go! Wow!  I could write a big review here but I won’t. All I’ll put is every day new playlists are suggested based on what you’ve been listen to and what is in your iTunes! Yesterday  I tried to search for music in 1986 and today I get the playlist below. No more to be said……..

Listen to Rock Hits: 1987 by Apple Music Rock on @AppleMusic.https://itunes.apple.com/gb/playlist/rock-hits-1987/idpl.84efdcf7dd7c4b8a8fa664a699606c5e