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Coast 2 Coast - Day Six

7th june 2018

Kirkby Stephen to Reeth

In the morning it was out of paradise even though we were being eaten alive by midges! Of course it was back to climbing straight away.It took us a couple of hours to get up to 600m but when there we were at the Nine Standards which was amazing site at that time of day in the weather we were experiencing. We sat on a ledge on one of the Standards and just took it all in. After walking a mile down we had to pick the correct route for the time of year. There are 3 and depending on what ground nesting birds are about you take the one where you will upset nature the least. 

After walking out of valley we walked along next to a river to the little place of Keld. There are only a few houses and its lovely with a campsite next to a brilliant little cafe which again was just right! It is called Rukin’s Park Lodge but you can’t miss it because it’s in the middle and there isn’t anything else.

Once again the map reading skills or GPS are needed as the path does not follow any designated footpaths or bridal ways until you rejoin one of the other routes. There is just a great expanse of openness. Once we got to Whitsun Dale there was a fantastic view of where we were going to walk down into a valley and then back up the other side. The last picture below is looking back to this point. The photo before this is down in the bottom of valley where we had a break and I filled my water bottle straight out of the stream. Lovely clean, cold fresh water straight from the source! Happiness! (did put a water purification tablet in before drinking.)

We carried on over the Yorkshire Dales National Park for another 7 miles until it brought us to the small town of Reeth. Once more we stocked up and walked through to The Orchard Caravan Park campsite. We have been so lucky because again another great site!