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Coast 2 Coast - Day Seven

8th june 2018

Reeth to Danby Wiske

This was the first day of the trip where we didn’t start the days walking with a big climb. It was a climb but only a couple of hundred meters so by comparison, nothing. This was also the flattest day walk. We joined the river Swale which would see for a lot of the day. We saw it at it’s beginning and also later just how wide and strong it would get.. We walked across fields through the villages of Marrick and Marske. We then had a short up to Applegarth Wood where we traversed along some plantation and with great views of the Swale next to us continued until we enter the town of Richmond. It is a very nice old English town with what looks like a lot of money around. According to the local police lady I asked ‘There are no greasy spoon cafes around here, they are all a bit posh but there is a Gregg’s were you can get a bacon roll and a cuppa cheap!’

We left Richmond and continued over good pastures to Colburn and Colburn Hall. We then got to Catterick where we cross the Swale and went under the A1. We then made a little detour of the path to Scorton to pick up supplies for the following day because we were aware there would be no shop were we were stopping. Back onto the path and after 7 miles of flat walking we came into Danby Wiske.

We camped at The White Swan which was excellent where we had a meal in the pub and there were 8 other people staying there all doing the walk. It’s a great place to stay, eat and drink and really caters for walkers.