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Coast 2 Coast - Day Eight

9th june 2018

Danby Wiske to Kirkby Bank

We left Danby Wiske and it just seemed easy walking and we cleared 10 miles to Ingleby Cross in next to no time. Here we stopped at a cafe for a second breakfast. Well it stated cafe but was more like a restaurant and instead of bacon sandwich it was Eggs Benedict  The place is The Joiners Shop and is really nice!!!

We carried on and walked through Arncliffe wood and then across some open access to Coalmine wood. This was all real enjoyable walking. We carried on across more open access and woodland until we cam to Lordstones. This is a big are with a restaurant and campsite.

We then moved on to find our next plantation for a second night of wild camping. We chose a piece of woodland at the top of a hill with great views looking down! Once again it just felt great  We cooked, just looked at the views and relaxed,