Custom show at CMC

On Sunday 4 of us rode in the mixed weather that is the British summer to CMC at Clay Cross. Even though we went through a couple of heavy showers the ride was excellent going the back roads to Alferton. I was lucky to be on Andy”s Armstrong so I was smiling a LOT!!!

The show was great there was a lot turned up on a wide variety of bikes. The sun came out, there was food and drink and plenty to look at. What more could you want?

They presented plaques for the top 10 bikes and Andy got 4th place for Bob the Bezzer!!! Well deserved too!

2 of our group had to go early but on the way back me and Andy called in at the Marplool Brewing Company and had a beer in the back garden talking to Andy the landlord.

All in all a pretty fantastic day!!

Photos of the day!!